In this section detailed evaluations of various workflow products, commercial and open source, as well as (proposed) standards in the BPM area can be found. It should be noted that ratings can take the form '+' which indicates that a particular tool or language provides direct support for the pattern involved, '+/-' which indicates that some limitations exists regaring direct support, and '-' which indicates that no direct support is provided.

The issue of direct support is important as a '-' rating for a particular pattern for a particular approach does not imply that the pattern cannot be realised. Rather it is an indication of the effort required to implement the pattern (note that any programming language can implement any of the patterns!). Also, it is worth noting that there are combinations of patterns where it does not necessarily make sense to provide support for all patterns involved. Finally, when selecting a BPM approach for a certain project it is important to keep in mind what the specific needs are of that project. A particular BPM tool or language may not provide direct support for certain patterns but perhaps they are not important in the context considered!