Scattered Event


  • This pattern refers to events in an event log which have attributes that contain further information that can be used to derive new events.
    • There is information contained in the event log that can be exploited to construct additional events, but, the information is hidden in attribute values of several events


  • The existence of this pattern is not likely to add additional overheads or hinder the process mining exercise
  • However, it represents untapped information that could enrich the insights obtained from a process mining exercise

Data Quality Issues

I16 - Missing data: event
  • The occurrence of this pattern affects the trace completeness through omission of events that actually happened in the case but, due to the logging mechanisms in the underlying information system, were not recognised as such.

Manifestation and Detection

For example, in the log snippet here:
  • Guide attribute is ‘Activity’
  • Target attribute is ‘Description’
  • Marker value for activity = ‘Surgical Procedure’
  • Marker value for timestamp = ‘Procedure-end-time’
  • Pattern signature — (i) event attribute(s) (other than the timestamp attribute) being able to be interpreted as a timestamp, (ii) event attribute(s) that guide in extracting values for the new event, (iii) target event attribute(s) that contain the actual values of the new event and (iv) marker values in the guide attribute(s) that inform the population of activity names and timestamp values in the new event from the target attribute(s) values.
  • NB. Generally, the detection of this pattern requires manual effort and the assistance of domain experts as this ‘hidden’ information (from which new events can be derived) could be encoded in practically any attribute value of an event log.


  • Generic fix unlikely
  • Once location of information that leads to new events is understood a tool can be developed to automate appropriate event creation